15 February 2006

Club de pescadores

This is the Club de Pescadores (Fishing Club) of Buenos Aires. It has been declared national historical monument and is a popular turist atracction. It has an aquarium an a quiet restaurant. It was founded in 1903 on a called "old dock" by the french who used to tie up their coal boats there. Several fishermen used to meet there to practice their favourite sport. So they build a small shelter to storage their belongings. Although the Rio de la Plata has shown it's rage sometimes against them, the Club de pescadores got permision from the government to stay there and faced both natural and political adversities. Here is a picture from 1930 that shows the dock in it´s social use: http://www.club-pescadores.com.ar/images/historia2.jpg. The building is originally from 1928-1937, although it suffered several damages due to the hight of the river.
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