03 March 2014

A gorgeous gallery leading to the unknown in Southern Spanish style,  with Morisco flair. Taken today in San Telmo, Calle Perú.

Hi there :)

And I guess I'm back! I have been on a really long hiatus, but I never stopped taking pictures of my hometown! I welcome everyone back to my page! :) And hope you'll enjoy the photos! 

24 August 2006

San Telmo buildings

Today was a beautiful spring day (it´s winter I know) but we had 23ºC and sun. And a clear blue sky! I hope it lasts!
This is one of many beautiful houses in San Telmo, our bohemian quarter.
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22 August 2006

Planetarium in Palermo

This is our Planetarium at night, it also looks lovely by day, but I really love those lights. It´s an astronomical observatorium, but it´s more of an educational center. It´s surrounded by the Palermo lakes. I´ll post a daylight pic later on! Posted by Picasa

20 August 2006

Telo art part deux

Remember my bedtime story post...here´s another pic of that great art excibit. This one was inspired by "ringu" a.k.a. "the ring". Loved this one!! Posted by Picasa

Telo art part II

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19 August 2006


Well, I think I told you all that I just finished writing my thesis on cloning...and then I found this picture. Being a craaaazy Brangelina fan I couldn´t resist posting this one...This is so weird, look at that genepool! Posted by Picasa

Balconies & old lady

This is how some balconies look like in Buenos Aires, here apartment building are quite popular and houses are seldom seen or being torn down. I spotted this old lady enjoying th winter sun yesterday... it was a pretty cold day too. Posted by Picasa

16 August 2006

Buddha BA (Chinatown)

This is quite the romantic setting, Buddha BA a café, called like the famous Buddha Bar in Paris, place I´ve never been to but particulary love its records. Well, the Buddha BA (guess BA for Buenos Aires) was one of the sports I love in Chinatown besides the supermarkets. And I took the liberty to shoot some unaware people inside the "oriental garden". Posted by Picasa

Buddha BA Orchids

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Buddha BA

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13 August 2006

Still ill

so I start modelling and take pictures! i know it´s not the best way to spend one sunday afternoon but i feel like road kill. Posted by Picasa

12 August 2006

Car caravan

Old cars in the city, really strange. Posted by Picasa