24 August 2006

San Telmo buildings

Today was a beautiful spring day (it´s winter I know) but we had 23ºC and sun. And a clear blue sky! I hope it lasts!
This is one of many beautiful houses in San Telmo, our bohemian quarter.
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22 August 2006

Planetarium in Palermo

This is our Planetarium at night, it also looks lovely by day, but I really love those lights. It´s an astronomical observatorium, but it´s more of an educational center. It´s surrounded by the Palermo lakes. I´ll post a daylight pic later on! Posted by Picasa

20 August 2006

Telo art part deux

Remember my bedtime story post...here´s another pic of that great art excibit. This one was inspired by "ringu" a.k.a. "the ring". Loved this one!! Posted by Picasa

Telo art part II

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19 August 2006


Well, I think I told you all that I just finished writing my thesis on cloning...and then I found this picture. Being a craaaazy Brangelina fan I couldn´t resist posting this one...This is so weird, look at that genepool! Posted by Picasa

Balconies & old lady

This is how some balconies look like in Buenos Aires, here apartment building are quite popular and houses are seldom seen or being torn down. I spotted this old lady enjoying th winter sun yesterday... it was a pretty cold day too. Posted by Picasa

16 August 2006

Buddha BA (Chinatown)

This is quite the romantic setting, Buddha BA a café, called like the famous Buddha Bar in Paris, place I´ve never been to but particulary love its records. Well, the Buddha BA (guess BA for Buenos Aires) was one of the sports I love in Chinatown besides the supermarkets. And I took the liberty to shoot some unaware people inside the "oriental garden". Posted by Picasa

Buddha BA Orchids

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Buddha BA

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13 August 2006

Still ill

so I start modelling and take pictures! i know it´s not the best way to spend one sunday afternoon but i feel like road kill. Posted by Picasa

12 August 2006

Car caravan

Old cars in the city, really strange. Posted by Picasa

10 August 2006


Surprise!! I woke up with a terrible cold and throat hoarsiness so I guess Kleenex will be my best friend for the next couple of days. I feel like crap and also realize that I posted 2 pics today... :) Posted by Picasa

Bedtime story

Telo ( some sort of motel) art in Palermo. Posted by Picasa

08 August 2006

Cold winder days

and I enjoy my mate with bizcochitos and electro tango!! Posted by Picasa

04 August 2006

Interior desing part two

I think this would look really amazing in my bedroom... Posted by Picasa

03 August 2006

Urban art

Interior desing and how one of Palermos new apartments is gonna look like. Posted by Picasa

02 August 2006


Gathering of percussionists in San Telmo, known for it´s bohemian vibe.

01 August 2006

Way to cold to go out (still on vacation)

8:40 am in Buenos Aires: 0ºC, way too cold for me, so I stayed home.