27 April 2006

You turn and see...

You turn where I was standing and you see the Colón Theatre. This was taken at 15:00 hours and it´s not rush hour!!! Posted by Picasa

26 April 2006

El obelisco

You might have seen some shots of it on Karine´s blog, this is my view of it! :) Posted by Picasa

25 April 2006

Cabs in Buenos Aires

Cabs in Buenos Aires look like this. Somehow there are too many of these and the amount of people that take them are too little. But try to get a cab on a rainy day!!! Posted by Picasa

24 April 2006

Doorknob shopping

I had to buy several things at one large hardware store and while looking at doorknobs or knobs in general I spotted this friendly fellow. Let´s just say I didn´t buy this one. Posted by Picasa

23 April 2006

Flower-Power Sunday: Roses

Happy Sunday!! Posted by Picasa

22 April 2006

Tan needed

Yesterday I was at my drive by coffee place and it wasn´t a particularly warm nor sunny day but there are still few people who feel the need to get tanned, like this guy. Posted by Picasa

21 April 2006

Another park view

This is when you step off the tracks and continue enjoing the fresh air with the green grass as those people are!! Posted by Picasa

20 April 2006

Railways cross the park

The train crosses the park splitting it in half. The city government made it brand new and really nice to look at. Posted by Picasa

19 April 2006

The park

This is the park of the Agronomy/ Veterinary faculty of the Buenos Aires University. On weekends this is an open public park where parents take their children to play and other have large picnics. It´s really nice place to chill out and the amount of green is considerable. Posted by Picasa

18 April 2006

Guess what...

Blogger and Picasa are being terribly uncooperative on my picture posting today that if I try it again (after 20 times so far) I´ll have a nervous breakdown and no one wants that.. or do you? :)
So, no pic today... I hope I can do it tomorrow.

17 April 2006

Guess what I was studying?

I took the long weekend and instead of relaxing I cached up with some homework I had left. I was sitting (not so quietly in the park, pictures tomorrow) and studied an opera. Can anybody guess which it was? Posted by Picasa

16 April 2006

Happy Easter everyone!!

Behind these flower-type used the easter bunny hide my easter eggs...
So I wish you all happy easter, and to those who are adults, happy childhood memories!!
 Posted by Picasa

15 April 2006

Before the gala

This is the inside of the Colón theatre. It´s one of the greatest theatres in the world next to the Met, la Scala and the Paris Opera. It fits 3.000 people, 2.700 sitting and 300 standing. Yesterday was very special because I didn´t go to see any of the "classic" things that are presented in this theatre. This week and the next Buenos Aires is host of the International Festival of Independent Film and yesterday in this theatre was screened "The battleship Potemkin" in its new and latest version, restored by the German Film Gesellschaft in Berlin. This film is b&w and silent, so the Colóns academic orchestra played the music that Edmund Meisel composed for it. (By the way: it´s forbidden to take pictures on the inside, so plese don´t tell anyone ;) )  Posted by Picasa

14 April 2006

The staircase

Also inside the Colón Theatre. This staircase features thee types of marble: white from Carrara, rosé and yellow. Posted by Picasa

13 April 2006

Inside the theatre the muses glow

This is one of the statues inside the Colon theatre. I just love the quietness of this statue. Posted by Picasa

12 April 2006

Where dreams come true...

These are some of the hairdoes and masks exhibited inside the Colón Theatre. It is my favorite place in all the city. All props, shoes, masks, hairpieces, dresses, scenery are made inside the theatre. Here is a music/ ballet institute also that "makes" professionals. And of course, here you can see and hear the best operas/ ballet/ chamber & symphonic music in town. This is picture one of some I took yesterday. If you get the chance to come to Buenos Aires I highly recommend you take the guided tour of this wonderful place were dreams come true... Posted by Picasa

11 April 2006

Sometimes animals do the coolest things

I laughed and took this picture...I guess this dog loves clorated water!! Posted by Picasa

10 April 2006

Pedro de Mendoza monument

This the "Don Pedro de Mendoza" monument or the "indian monument". He was the founder of Buenos Aires and his monumet is located at Parque Lezama. It´s not visible in the picture but on the sides of this monument is the whole story of how Buenos Aires was "found" sculptured. Posted by Picasa

09 April 2006

V for vendetta

V for vendetta has taken over our town...it was premiered on thursday and I have to say I went that same day to see the movie. The next day I felt compelled to take this picture because the sets of the dystopian society portrayed in it looked somewhat like that spot you see in this picture. (At least I think so) It´s a train bridge in the caballito quarter. Posted by Picasa

08 April 2006

Araucaria... thay say they´re on the path of extinction

This is a Araucaria a type of pine that grows in South America and Australia, and as far as I know it´s on the path of extinction. The type Araucaria is derived from "Arauco", a region in central Chile where the Araucani Indians lived. They were fierce and stood up against spanish conquistadores for a long time. Just like the Araucaria that has daggerlike leaves and who, it´s being said, stood up to the dinosaurs. You can find a lot of Araucarias on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Posted by Picasa

07 April 2006

Stencil! Stencil!

More Stencils! Here´s Mao that made me have a Warhol flashback (here is the psy-crazy colored Mao) and the free Marta stencil. You might be wondering who Marta is... well she´s Argentina's most nutty artist, which was arrested humm, two years ago for drug possetion. To get to Marta Minujins webpage click here. She´s a sponsor for efimeral art (like the cheese-venus or the book partenon), and I really really like and respect her. Posted by Picasa

06 April 2006

Really trying to be artistic

Today I wanted something artsy and came up with this. The sun is shining and it looks like a cool summerday even though it´s autumn. Posted by Picasa

05 April 2006

Recoleta church

This is the Recoleta church, Nuestra Señora del Pilar (1732) just in front of the Recoleta cementery (1822). The Recoleta neighborhood is called after Recoletos Priests Monastery that later became a blood hospital, a barrack and at last, a nursing home for old people. Today it's a popular touristical spot. Posted by Picasa

04 April 2006

Statues watching the sunset

These statues are part of the Cultural Center of Recoleta. They stand there very quietly and watch the sun go down. Sometime they comment about the people who are taking their pictures... :) Posted by Picasa

03 April 2006

Balconies and light

Balconies of a hotel on Av. de Mayo. What can I say? I simply liked the "barroque" feeling to it and the yellow-violet light. I hope you like the neck-bending way it was taken!!Posted by Picasa

02 April 2006

To bee or not to bee

I also wanted to post a flower picture although autumn is starting here. As you can see flowers are still blossoming and the bees are keeping themselves busy. I still can´t figure macros out so you´ll have to excuse the amateur blurr.
For all in the northern hemisphere: happy spring!! Posted by Picasa