31 May 2006

Red lights

9 de Julio Av., the busiest street in town. Posted by Picasa

30 May 2006


One of the hottest sushi places in Buenos Aires, they also have cool lamps!! Something you can only get here: Buenos Aires Roll (sweet sour sauce, salmon, king prawn and avocado) Posted by Picasa

28 May 2006

Rose sunday

Have a nice sunday everyone!!! Posted by Picasa

27 May 2006


This is one of Buenos Aires' highways. It goes north and it´s being said that if you always go north you might just end up in Venezuela. i guess it´s worth the try. Posted by Picasa

26 May 2006

Not Buenos Aires related (part 2)

The light was actually pointing at these... a housewarming gift from my dad. Looove these flowers. Posted by Picasa

25 May 2006

Not Buenos Aires related

Couldn´t sleep last night after too many coffees, so I started experimenting around with light and such. Today 3.15 AM. Posted by Picasa

24 May 2006

The doggy downstairs

He got all worked up because I took his picture!! Posted by Picasa

23 May 2006

The cat

I guess they are able to sleep everywhere :) Posted by Picasa

22 May 2006

Want a ride?

These are very rare but popular. You can get a sulky ride if you are near the zoo and in its areas, otherwise are horses on the street sticktly forbidden. They are a really fun ride for children or romantic couples!! Posted by Picasa

21 May 2006

Rose Sunday

Now I guess you know by now that I love roses. Have a nice sunday!! Posted by Picasa

20 May 2006

Where old and new meet

Tribunales. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny, though cold day. This is a sample of Buenos Aires architecture. Modern structures blend in with old ones. Posted by Picasa

19 May 2006

It´s official: it´s autumn in Buenos Aires

We had a couple of sunny days, the leaves are turning all brown/ red/ gold and today it RAINED!!! That´s how I know that the winter is really coming...crap. (pardon mon anglais) Posted by Picasa

18 May 2006

If Murillo could see this heaven...

Yesterday I was unable to post anything because I had an extremely busy day. But today I wanted to post something I love the most: sky pictures. Posted by Picasa

15 May 2006

Plaza Italia

This is the Plaza Italia or Gral. Las Heras monument. It is one of those really crowded spots in Buenos Aires. Something interesting about this place: it´s next to the botannical garden and basically full of busses, so it´s quite ecologically balanced, ironically speaking. Posted by Picasa

14 May 2006

Two coffees please!

Yesterday I was having this fabulous coffee and chat with one of my friends. She had an Italian cappuccino and I had a coffee with condensed milk. It´s sweet, it´s tasty, it´s just delicious!! Posted by Picasa

13 May 2006

Best alfajores in town

I love these alfajores, so do many turists also!! But due to the fact that many turists buy them they are incredibly expensive right now. But I still love them, on ocassions, of course! Havanna´s factory is in Mar del Plata a popular summer-bathing-beaches spot on our Atlantic coast. Posted by Picasa

12 May 2006

Mushrooms grow here also!!

It´s been like a thousand years since I´ve seen mushrooms grow in the wild, my only incounter with them is at the supermarket between all the other vegetables, so I had to share my great find with you guys!! (Pic taken at my friend´s backyard) Posted by Picasa

11 May 2006

The bookfair

Ok, this is a shot of the bookfair I was telling you about. It was early (14hs) so it wasn´t all that crowded! Posted by Picasa

10 May 2006


During my absence was also my birthday and as I had the liberty to choose where to have dinner and I love differerent tastes, I chose armenian cuisine. Although I am not of armenian origin I felt totally at home, the food was incredible and there was a show afterwards that completed the evening in a perfect way. Buenos Aires has lots of important families of armenian origin, and BA has also kind of an armenian quarter in Palermo, where you will find armenian restaurants, schools, churches and culture clubs. Posted by Picasa

09 May 2006

It´s been just too long

I had a couple rought and tough days without an internet connection. I´ve just moved and changed from brodband cable to DSL and establishing a connection was absolute hell. But finally I´m back!!!
In the meantime I had plenty of time to take pictures, like this one.
In the last two weeks in Buenos Aires was our annual bookfair, hundreds of books with lectures by their authors or other lectures around the subject of culture or reading were held. Let´s just say I couldn´t resist and bought a few book, for studying mostly, but still I was caught in the rush.
On saturday the La Nación paper said that 70.000 people visited it!!
(This is one of the childrens books publisher stands) Posted by Picasa