23 June 2006


I´m going to have a short winter recess and not post for a week or so because I have tons of work and study to survive first. See ya all!! Posted by Picasa

22 June 2006

Gas station

Gas station in a nice nighbourhood with statue in the back.  Posted by Picasa

21 June 2006

Vamos Vamos Argentina!!

Highly optimistic!! C´mon Argentina we´re gonna win!! Publicity on the highway. Today plays Argetina vs. Holland!! Posted by Picasa

20 June 2006

Hairy situation

While drinking coffee I encountered this amount of hair sitting next to me. Had to take this pic! Posted by Picasa

19 June 2006


Yesterday I had dinner at this fabulous mexican restaurant, I got there a little early (9 pm) ´cause I was very hungry!! but at 11pm it got all filled up! Viva Mexico! Posted by Picasa

18 June 2006

Getting rid of old habits...

I really want to concetrate on my dieting, but it´s kind of difficult to get rid of old habits!! Lemonade for example...it tastes like heaven at this place called Mark´s in Palermo. Posted by Picasa

17 June 2006

The fly and the sky

Flies are definetely my favourite models.... Posted by Picasa

16 June 2006

The Serbia-Montenegro vs. Argentina match just started!!

And these construction workers won´t be working for the next 2 hours. I took this pic prior the Argentinian goal 2 mins. after start.
Dutchie must be waiting anxiously for the next game: Holland vs. Ivory coast!! Posted by Picasa

15 June 2006


Pizza is one of those things you feel compelled to eat even if you don´t want to... Buenos Aires has created some special pizzas with city style: the Fugazzetta (with onions and cheese) (which is very tasty) and one with palmitos (palm tree hearts and salsa golf (made of ketchup+mayonaise), (yuk!*)
Still I prefer the one and only pizza with muzzarella!
 Posted by Picasa

14 June 2006


He creeps the hell out of me... I didn´t take this pic on a farm or anything...some of these actually live in Buenos Aires. Posted by Picasa

13 June 2006

On the hunt

This dog is looking for his next meal, a real Delicatesse: pond duck. Today it´s raining...I hope it´s just for today!! Posted by Picasa

12 June 2006

Los bosques de Palermo

These is one of the spots you can go to to relax in this city. These are artificial lakes with lots of trees aroud them where you can just sit, walk or fish like this guy (but there are no fish in these lakes, all he´ll possibly fish is an old shoe) Posted by Picasa

11 June 2006

Rollin´, rollin´, rollin´

Weekends are the special days where you get to see things like these: people taking thir car for a drive. This one looks great!! (taken on Av. Libertador) Posted by Picasa

10 June 2006


This is not Mariah Carey related!! I just love butterflys and I can´t believe I managed to get this macro going!! Posted by Picasa

09 June 2006

Looks like rain

Look at the sky...another rainy day in Buenos Aires. Winter is coming, i don´t mind the cold, but the rain I do dislike!! Posted by Picasa

08 June 2006

Buenos Aires' golf course

This is the public golf course of Buenos Aires, you have to bring your own clubs and pay areasonable fee, know how to play and you can use it. Most people don´t so they watch, like me. Are any public golf courses in your town also? Posted by Picasa

07 June 2006

Street performer

These street performers, usually kids that learn the skill so they don´t have to beg, performe in front of cars every day. This guy was juggling 5 balls at the time, something I never saw before, too bad I just caught two of them on camera. Do you have similar street performers in you country? Posted by Picasa

06 June 2006

The parrot

I really don´t know where the parrots in Buenos Aires come from, but a couple of years ago they started to appear in parks all around town, they don´t even mind the pollution!! Posted by Picasa

05 June 2006


This flower was built by a famous ( I think he´s from Catalonia) architect and is now located next to the law faculty in a huge park in the Recoleta neighbourhood. At night the flower closes and is illuminated by soft red light. Posted by Picasa

04 June 2006

100th post

I made it to my 100th post!! And to celebrate this huge bow of a newlywed´s car!! I hope I can shoot another 100 more!! Posted by Picasa

03 June 2006

Something else is also falling apart

One of many of the colectivos that populate the streets of Buenos Aires, this one, well, doesn´t look so good. Posted by Picasa

02 June 2006

The Colón Theatre recontruction

The Colon Theatre, our most important opera house is falling slowly apart. They are reconstructing the fassade and I think there is a proyect to close it down for a year and do recontruction work all over it. They also wanted to build and anphitheatre outside, but I guess it´ll take a while till then. Posted by Picasa

01 June 2006

Teatro Cervantes

This is the Cervantes Theatre on Av. Córdoba. This is our most important Nacional Theatre where classic theatre is often represented. Posted by Picasa