05 March 2006

La biblia y el calefón

I´m not used to looking up but every time I do I find myself with some realy cool things going on above. This is another shot taken in the San Telmo quarter. This building holds an ice-cream/ beer/ café place. There up above sits Gardel, one of Argentinas most worshipped and great tango singers of all time, holding a Bible and a "calefón" (a device for heating water we have in most our houses), and of course a beer (the place sells it). "La biblia y el calefón" is a song of Joaquín Sabina, a spanish songwriter and singer that sang this song in honor of Argenina and all of it´s cultural icons and typical Argentinian problems (like getting screwed by the governement, having a lousy job that takes your whole life away, corruption, etc.) Posted by Picasa


Blogger Rob said...

Interesting stuff. I didn't know that song by Sabina. Amazing what you see if you look upwards.

12:56 PM  
Blogger Wolf said...

Another neat pic and interesting fact's! Thanks Cynthia

1:46 PM  

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